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Method IBP

Change happens through experiencing the present moment.

Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) is a mindfulness-based approach, applied both in psychotherapy and coaching. With IBP we always work with awareness on three experience dimensions: 

  • thoughts

  • emotions

  • bodily sensations


If we have understood something mentally and additionally connect it with emotions as well as bodily sensations associated with it, new neuronal connections can form in the brain. This is the prerequisite for shifts in our thoughts, feelings and actions. A common situation can all of a sudden feel different, or we can suddenly act differently without thinking about actively adapting our behaviour in this particular situation.


In IBP psychotherapy as well as IBP coaching I include the body level in several ways:

  • During a conversation: By asking questions about your bodily sensations when you talk about a certain topic. During our sessions you will often hear the question: “And what do you feel in your body when you talk about this?”

  • Specific mindfulness, breathing and other body awareness exercises: I introduce you to various exercises that you can then apply at home or in specific everyday situations. On the one hand, the aim is to increase your self-awareness. On the other hand, these exercises will support you in dealing with current challenges.

  • Experience-orientation in the present moment: Here we simulate an everyday situation in the session. We explore thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations that arise associated with this particular situation. You will also have the opportunity to test different ways of taking action directly in the session. As a result, you have the opportunity to take away a new experience on the mental, emotional and body level.


It is highly important to me to tailor each IBP session to your specific needs. Therefore, I hear what is important to you in the present moment and then decide which IBP intervention is best suited to support your personal process.

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