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Integrative Body Psychotherapy for adults

Meine neuen Angebote: 
psychology4you in Schaffhausen & Zürich
psychology@work in der Deutschschweiz

Information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) protective measures:

  • Mandatory use of face masks: Please be aware that the use of face masks is mandatory in the "Gesundheitszentrum" Stauffacher.

  • Distance: We keep the minimum distance during the consultation and do not shake hands at the moment. I currently do not offer anything to drink. However, feel free to bring your own water bottle. 

  • Hand disinfection: Please disinfect your hands carefully when entering and leaving the “Gesundheitszentrum” using the disinfectant dispenser on the left in the foyer when entering the building.

  • Symptoms: If you have any signs of a cold, cough and / or fever or loss of sense of smell and taste, cancel the appointment or get in touch so that we can hold the appointment by phone or video call. Then follow the instructions by the Federal Office of Public Health:

I am very happy to still welcoming you in person when adhering to these protective measures.

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